First zucchini

The first of the year. I hadn’t checked the garden in a while since it has been raining for the past five days, and this guy was a surprise! It is a little small (about 4 inches), but I am sure there are many more to come. I noticed a few of the flowers have been cut off just below the base, and am wondering if a cutworm of sorts is the culprit. If I have time tonight, I will try to go out and investigate since I have read they are active in the evening (at least when it is dark). I noticed the same flower-sheer type thing with my potato plants as well.


Winter planting plans

I scheduled some plantings for the fall, which can be seen on the calendar on the side of the (non-facebook) site. I will be planting broccoli, peas, romaine, spinach, and radishes. I was hoping to do a little more, but I waited too long to start anything else (cucumbers or more summer squash specifically).

What’s next?

I have 11 or 12 empty squares where the lettuce, broccoli, and spinach was planted, any suggestions? I think I am going to re-plant broccoli in the same spots for the fall (probably the peas too once they are done), but that still leaves 4 or 5 empty spaces.

Onion flowers are bad?

Apparently they are if you are trying to grow onion bulbs. I didn’t know that and just tried to search the interwebs to find out how long after they flower I have to wait for harvest. I also learned that you are supposed to plant the smaller of the sets to produce onion bulbs as larger ones will bolt. I assumed the larger ones were better (obviously?).

Something else

I think this is the same thing that is affecting the squash, but this time on the beans. I thought it could be (again) caused by too much moisture, but the black spots might indicate something else.