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Updated Calendar

I added a calendar to the sidebar that will not only show the post history, but also my schedule for starting and planting and any other important events. I am working on updating the history and adding in everything I have planned.

Another Round of Starts

I started romaine, leaf lettuce, and bell peppers today, just a few of each since I want them staggered so I don’t harvest all at once. I took this week off to get a few projects done around the house, so you should see a bunch more postings in the next few days. I will be building a compost bin and assembling the beds and pest barriers. My kind of fun!

Second Planting of 2010

Started the second round today, just three pots of False-Alarm Jalepenos. I am using the same starting mix as I did the first round that didn’t respond well, so if these  end up the same way that bag of mix will be going into the lawn to fill in some low spots.