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Second Planting of 2010

Started the second round today, just three pots of False-Alarm Jalepenos. I am using the same starting mix as I did the first round that didn’t respond well, so if these  end up the same way that bag of mix will be going into the lawn to fill in some low spots.

More Seeds

Found a type of Jalapeno from Burpee’s website called a False Alarm Hybrid. Appears to be what I was looking for in a tame pepper. I also found an indeterminate Roma, as all of the one in the stores are determinate and I want vines to save space. I ordered those as well as onion sets and seed potatoes.


While formulating my plan, I visited various stores to look at different varieties and picked up packets along the way. I haven’t ventured into anything too extravagant, mostly just straight out of the Burpee displays. I now have every seed I need except for the Jalapeno peppers (will get the starter potato and onion sets later). Looking for peppers that have flavor but not heat, and everything I can find right now is pretty much a standard pepper. Off to the Internet…