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A few more

Planted radish, carrot, cilantro, spinach, and cilantro seeds tonight. Pulled a few weeds, and tossed out a million “helicopter” seeds. I have a little concern about the evidence of pests, and the tomatoes look like they are stressed and/or have a fungus. I think most of this will be solved once the sun comes out and the temperature increases, but we’ll see.

Weekly update

I don’t have any pictures to post at the end of this week since it has been raining all day, but I was able to get out this weekend and plant more lettuce and romaine seedlings, along with radish, carrot, and spinach seeds. It sounds like it should be subsiding overnight, so I will try to get some pictures posted tomorrow.

 Even thought the rain is keeping me (mostly) indoors, it looks like it is doing wonders for what’s in the ground. I think the broccoli is about twice as big as it was a week ago, and the first radish and lettuce plants are taking off.  I have a feeling I will see some onion plants soon even though the sets were planted in the last two days.  I am also looking forward to getting the tomato and pepper plants fully acclimated and ready to plant.