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Canning part 2

I canned some salsa, green beans, and more pickles this weekend. For the pickles, I used the same recipe as before. For the salsa, I used a recipe from the Ball website. I like salsa that is mostly vegetables. Basically, I won’t make any with a recipe that calls for sugar or anything extra other than spices. I found the bean recipe from a Costco magazine. It contains essentially the same thing as dill cucumber pickles with cayenne pepper added. I can’t wait to try these in a few weeks!

More canned goods

More canned goods

Jalapeno isn’t looking so hot

While it looks like it is struggling, it isn’t getting worse. I really hope its the cool rainy weather and that it will come back. Just to be sure, I started a backup which will be a bit behind the rest, but hopefully that will extend the harvest.

Starting Squash

Last night I started the zucchini and yellow squash in fiber pots. The containers seemed a little small, but I guess they won’t be in them too long before they get planted in the beds. Tonight I hope to get more radishes seeds planted and my peppers transplanted into larger containers – unless it rains.

Room to grow

This evening I transplanted my tomato seedlings into larger containers, and was hoping to do the same with my peppers but I ran out of supplies. Once they’ve had a few days to settle in, I am going to begin hardening them by taking them outdoors in the evening at first, and then progressing to putting them in a shady spot in the morning to sit all day. Once they make it through that, I will leave them in the sun and only take them in at night when the temp dips down. It sounds like a little bit of work, but I didn’t do this much with the broccoli which led to its demise. Oh, and I am doing the quick version of this now with the lettuce and romaine I will be planting this week as well.

Pepper Doctor

I brought the pepper plant in the house, put it on the seedling heating pad, gave it a bit of warm water and it popped back to life. The rest of the plants seem to be doing well, except that some seem to be taking a little longer to germinate than I would expect. I think I might be planting them too deep, and it has been getting fairly cool at night. I feel like we are about to turn a corner and everything will take off any day now!

Starting to grow

Here are some pictures of the squares that are showing signs of life. These were taking last night, and unfortunately I think my pepper plant may have took a turn for the worse. This morning it is all shriveled and droopy. I probably should be bringing it in at night when it gets cold. I guess if it does die I will just go back to Lowe’s and buy another one.
Bed 2 on 4/17/2010

Onions and Peppers

Bed 4 on 4/17/2010


Bed 4 on 4/17/2010

Broccoli and Romaine

Bed 5 on 4/17/2010

Peas, Lettuce and Broccoli

The perfect pepper (maybe)

So the jalapenos I’ve been trying to start for the past month have pretty much been a failure. One out of thirty. But while shopping at Lowe’s for fountain parts, I wandered by the seedlings and saw “TAM Jalapenos.” I was actually looking for seeds of this variety during the past winter, but to no avail. I read online that the TAM variety have all the flavor of regular Jalapenos but almost no heat. I decided to buy one to compare to the only “False Alarm” plant I was able to start. Looking forward to grilled cream cheese stuffed jalapenos this summer.

Where did I go?

Well, its been a few days since I posted something, but you can’t expect too much when you read some poor hacks attempt at a blog about gardening. I haven’t done much by way of the garden this week, except to start seasoning the seedlings to be planted. One of the False Alarm Jalapeno  seeds germinated a few days ago to my surprise. I thought they were all goners. It looks like it may rain most of the week, but I will try to get things planted when the weather allows.

Tomato and Basil

Started tomato and basil plants this evening. Still waiting for the jalapenos to sprout, but the bell peppers I started last week germinated and were actually quite tall. I need to rearrange how I have them placed under the light, perhaps tomorrow.