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Almost Here

The schedule says I should be planting the broccoli, spinach, and peas this weekend. I think the weather might say something else. This week, I have been cutting, bending, and placing the conduit for holding the trellis netting and deer net. More on that tomorrow.

 I have also been adjusting the plant locations under the grow light to keep each set in the optimum location. I start the seeds in the kitchen using a warming mat, and move them to the basement under a grow light once they germinate. The grow light is a basic shop light with one “warm” and one “cool” bulb. Underneath, I have a few trays sitting on various boxes and tubs, which I use to adjust the height to keep each plant within about two inches from the bulbs. I am planning on mixing the soil tomorrow so I can plant on Sunday, but we will see what happens.

Grow Light

The light for growing the seedlings

A Little Mixed-up

A little more than a week ago, I started leaf lettuce, romaine, and bell peppers and thought I could remember in which containers I put each one. After the shuffle to get them under the grow light, I lost track of which group is the leaf lettuce and which one is the romaine (the pepper had already been separated). One is lighter in color than the other, and if I had to guess the romaine might be the darker one, but how to tell? It really only matters because the spacing is a little different for the types I have. Rookie mistake.

Tomato and Basil

Started tomato and basil plants this evening. Still waiting for the jalapenos to sprout, but the bell peppers I started last week germinated and were actually quite tall. I need to rearrange how I have them placed under the light, perhaps tomorrow.