This is the list of supplies I will need to set up my garden. Some of the items I have, but most I will be acquiring this spring. The conduit and connectors will be used to create a frame to hold the deer net around the beds and to position the trellis net above the tomato, cucumber, and bean spots. The irrigation system will be on a timer, as I tend to forget to water otherwise.

Category Item Quantity
Beds 2x10x8′ Lumber 10
Compost 25 cubic ft
Peat 20 cubic ft
Vermiculite 20 cubic ft
Irrigation Drip Line 100 ft
Feeder Hose 50 ft
Various Fittings
Back-flow Valve and Filter
Trellis and Pest Control 1/2″x10′ Conduit 20
Conduit Fittings
Deer Net 7×100 ft
Trellis Net (4’x6′) 5
Shock Chord 80 ft
Seeds and Seed Starting Seeds
Potatoes and Onion Sets
Seed Trays\Fiber Pots
Starting Mix

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