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The Plan page now has a yield column to show what was harvested for each plant type. I have had a difficult time finding out how much each square will produce with each type of vegetable. This should give me a good baseline for next year. Once we get into the season a little further, I will add a value column to help track what type of return I am getting on my investment.

First radish of the year

It is actually the first of anything this year. A little on the small side, but tasty nonetheless. You may also notice the small holes in the foliage.  Not sure what may have caused them. The tiny yellow clumps on the topmost leaf have me puzzled as well.


The first vegetable of 2010, a French Blush Radish.

End of the week and ready to go

Other than the trellis netting, the bed construction is completely finished. I hooked up the irrigation, installed the grid, and set up the deer net on the remaining three beds. It won’t be long, and I should be eating delicious, ripe vegetables straight from my garden!

Beds - Early April

Beds - Early April