Room to grow

This evening I transplanted my tomato seedlings into larger containers, and was hoping to do the same with my peppers but I ran out of supplies. Once they’ve had a few days to settle in, I am going to begin hardening them by taking them outdoors in the evening at first, and then progressing to putting them in a shady spot in the morning to sit all day. Once they make it through that, I will leave them in the sun and only take them in at night when the temp dips down. It sounds like a little bit of work, but I didn’t do this much with the broccoli which led to its demise. Oh, and I am doing the quick version of this now with the lettuce and romaine I will be planting this week as well.

2 replies on “Room to grow”

  1. Mostafa says:

    awww! look how adorable you are here Momi Mel you sure are have a green thumb. I love your garedn. How I wish we have one. It saves you money from buying them from the grocery store. Dropping by for MLM

  2. Ali says:

    i read on flickr about your cotianner gardening. i have mint and chives (parsley died) but i have never tried lettuce or other salad greens. i have seen the kits around but was skeptical. did you find it easy and low maintenance?

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