Winter planting plans

I scheduled some plantings for the fall, which can be seen on the calendar on the side of the (non-facebook) site. I will be planting broccoli, peas, romaine, spinach, and radishes. I was hoping to do a little more, but I waited too long to start anything else (cucumbers or more summer squash specifically).

3 replies on “Winter planting plans”

  1. Londrina says:

    Uy, Mel, musta yung Miracle Gro sample mo? Okei ba? Nakuha ko na din yung sa’kin kaso wala naman ako gaerdn, so ibibigay ko na lang sa father-in-law ko pagpunta namin ng Toronto kasi mahilig din mag gaerdning yun Let me know kung effective nga talaga ah

  2. Vanessa says:

    With current tmoato scare those are priceless. My plants aren’t fruiting yet so I am having to call around to local greenhouses to get tmoatos I think are safe to eat.

  3. Pea says:

    Very cute. I know how excited *I* get when my seeds begin to srupot so I can only imagine how exciting it must be for a little kid lolI wish my kitty had not ate all my srupots though! Bad kitty! Will need to be putting stuff straight in the garden I guess.

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