Raised Beds

I decided to build raised beds out of 2×10 pine. It will be a little deeper than it needs to be, but that extra depth will be better for potatoes and onions (so I hear). This location will be best for sun exposure in my yard, and will leave the rest of the yard for playing.

Ready to Plant.

The final mix

Mixing the soil

Assembling the netting support made from conduit.

Creating the top support for the deer net.

Bed Placement

Trying to decide where to place the beds in the yard.

Bed Lumber

After cutting the lumber. Added a channel where the shock cord will rest to hold the deer netting tight to the base.

Bed Materials

Some of the materials for the raised beds.

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  1. […] looking over the various pages on my blog, I realized I forgot to finish the Raised Beds page so I added a few more pictures. Even though some of this can be viewed from the Garden […]

    • Putri says:

      When I lived in the Bay Area in CA, there was a farmer that would go arnuod to all of the Starbucks from Burlingame to Sunnyvale once a week, and take it back to his little farm, and filled all of his raised beds with strictly coffee grounds. He had some of the best looking produce I have ever seen. One of the things about the grounds are, they are from many different countries, in turn gives you many different mineral contents. I use a 50% ratio of grounds to my compost and it works well.

  2. Ahmed says:

    Just a heads up. One of the greatest thigns I add to my bins is coffee grounds. Starbucks has a program called grounds for your garden. They put their grounds in the 5lb coffee bags and let you have them (for free!). If you are in an area with lots of them, you can get amazing compost even faster! I have even seen amazing results from people just growing in strictly coffee grounds. Just thought I would let you know since you are a real man, and compost.

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