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Is this an entomology or garden blog?

Here is yet another pest, this time in the peas. Along with this guy, the leaf beetles seem to be out in full force. Until I planted this garden, I didn’t seem to notice the damage the beetles do around my yard and even throughout the neighborhood. The trees in my front yard have substantial damage in many of the leaves (that I can see). I have been spraying a neemoil solution on the leaves of the vegetables that I won’t be eating (potato, bean, broccoli, etc) which seems to help until the next time it rains. Once it is washed away, it doesn’t take long for the little buggers to dig in again. I only found one of these caterpillars, so I am not too worried about these yet.

What are these things?

Another picture of whatever is living in my pepper plants. I also noticed two extremely small, extremely fast little white bugs running around the soil in two of the containers. Thinking these might be the adolescent version of this? I’m really looking for sunny, more moderate weather so I can get these back outside, and to help out the other struggling warm weather plants that are already in the ground.


A few days ago, I noticed a few small holes in the broccoli plants. The next day, I noticed some in the radishes and thought, “hmm, I wonder if they are related.” Now, a few in the spinach. I haven’t seen any bugs, but I haven’t had time to investigate either. It appears to be the workings of a flea beetle judging from pictures I found on the web. I plan on doing a thorough investigation this weekend if the weather allows. I’ll post pictures of the damage, and the offenders if found.