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Winter planting plans

I scheduled some plantings for the fall, which can be seen on the calendar on the side of the (non-facebook) site. I will be planting broccoli, peas, romaine, spinach, and radishes. I was hoping to do a little more, but I waited too long to start anything else (cucumbers or more summer squash specifically).

You gonna eat that?

I harvested a small salad bar (OK, really small) today. The radishes are small but were being crowded out by others so I had to pull them. The broccoli and spinach are the first, the green onions and lettuce are just more of many like them before. This might be it for spinach, since it is taking a beating from leaf beetles, I am assuming.

Radish bug

Not a real bug, but I mean that I have spent the last few days planting more radishes in any little spot I think will support one without getting in the way of the pant that is or will grow into that space. I did that with the leftover onion bulbs as well. After eat those three radishes, I just can’t wait for everything else.

Second and third.

More radishes. Still a little small, but still tasty. I have a bunch more that will be ready soon. After I ate the first one, I planted a bunch more by sticking seeds in the various nooks and crannies that will be (mostly) vacant until later in the summer.

More radishes

A few more

Planted radish, carrot, cilantro, spinach, and cilantro seeds tonight. Pulled a few weeds, and tossed out a million “helicopter” seeds. I have a little concern about the evidence of pests, and the tomatoes look like they are stressed and/or have a fungus. I think most of this will be solved once the sun comes out and the temperature increases, but we’ll see.

First radish of the year

It is actually the first of anything this year. A little on the small side, but tasty nonetheless. You may also notice the small holes in the foliage.  Not sure what may have caused them. The tiny yellow clumps on the topmost leaf have me puzzled as well.


The first vegetable of 2010, a French Blush Radish.


A few days ago, I noticed a few small holes in the broccoli plants. The next day, I noticed some in the radishes and thought, “hmm, I wonder if they are related.” Now, a few in the spinach. I haven’t seen any bugs, but I haven’t had time to investigate either. It appears to be the workings of a flea beetle judging from pictures I found on the web. I plan on doing a thorough investigation this weekend if the weather allows. I’ll post pictures of the damage, and the offenders if found.

Weekly update

I don’t have any pictures to post at the end of this week since it has been raining all day, but I was able to get out this weekend and plant more lettuce and romaine seedlings, along with radish, carrot, and spinach seeds. It sounds like it should be subsiding overnight, so I will try to get some pictures posted tomorrow.

 Even thought the rain is keeping me (mostly) indoors, it looks like it is doing wonders for what’s in the ground. I think the broccoli is about twice as big as it was a week ago, and the first radish and lettuce plants are taking off.  I have a feeling I will see some onion plants soon even though the sets were planted in the last two days.  I am also looking forward to getting the tomato and pepper plants fully acclimated and ready to plant.