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Gone for a week

I left town for a week and harvested this (plus four extremely large zucchini) when I returned. I think I am going to have to can salsa and pickles this weekend or else give some of it away.

Harvest 8/6/2010

Harvest 8/6/2010

Even more

It seems like I can’t use the broccoli and spinach fast enough, but I seem to be keeping up with the peas. Here is a little more that I harvested tonight.


The Plan page now has a yield column to show what was harvested for each plant type. I have had a difficult time finding out how much each square will produce with each type of vegetable. This should give me a good baseline for next year. Once we get into the season a little further, I will add a value column to help track what type of return I am getting on my investment.

Second and third.

More radishes. Still a little small, but still tasty. I have a bunch more that will be ready soon. After I ate the first one, I planted a bunch more by sticking seeds in the various nooks and crannies that will be (mostly) vacant until later in the summer.

More radishes