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End of the week and ready to go

Other than the trellis netting, the bed construction is completely finished. I hooked up the irrigation, installed the grid, and set up the deer net on the remaining three beds. It won’t be long, and I should be eating delicious, ripe vegetables straight from my garden!

Beds - Early April

Beds - Early April

Amost Ready, Again

Tonight I thought I might be able to get the deer net and/or the dividers put in, and ended up with about half of each. I would have posted a picture, but it was too dark when I stopped. Tomorrow I hope to finish that part, and plant the pea and spinach seeds. Finally, I think it might be all coming together!

Trellis and Net Support

I finished cutting and bending the conduit for the trellis and deer net supports today. I took a ten foot piece of half-inch conduit and cut it into a four and six foot piece. The six foot piece becomes a vertical support. I bent the four foot piece 90 degrees in the center and, combined with three others, will make a square that will be attached to the top of the vertical supports. The trellis net will be hung between the uprights on the north side of the box. The deer net will be tied to the top square and will be held secure to the base with shock (bungee) chord.

Netting Support

The support to hold the trellis and deer net.

Almost Here

The schedule says I should be planting the broccoli, spinach, and peas this weekend. I think the weather might say something else. This week, I have been cutting, bending, and placing the conduit for holding the trellis netting and deer net. More on that tomorrow.

 I have also been adjusting the plant locations under the grow light to keep each set in the optimum location. I start the seeds in the kitchen using a warming mat, and move them to the basement under a grow light once they germinate. The grow light is a basic shop light with one “warm” and one “cool” bulb. Underneath, I have a few trays sitting on various boxes and tubs, which I use to adjust the height to keep each plant within about two inches from the bulbs. I am planning on mixing the soil tomorrow so I can plant on Sunday, but we will see what happens.

Grow Light

The light for growing the seedlings