I think something is growing?

It looks like one of the pea seeds germinated and is almost through the surface. Here is a picture. Can you tell where?

First Seedling

The first sprout outdoors this year (I think).

4 replies on “I think something is growing?”

  1. Lynn says:


    This is fun! Do you have a big following? I spotted the pea sprout, but think I had an advantage since I had seen it live.

    Keep having fun with it! Love, Lynn

  2. Michael says:

    I pray for you and your family and the safe rtreun of your dear husband, father and friend. Cannot imagine what you are going through as you wait. I pray he will walk through your front door again too. My son (2 yrs) and I pray each night and will be sure to add you to our prayers. God is amazing and I hope he can help you and your husband, and family, reunite here on earth. Many angels surround you and yours during the holiday season. I know you have already gotten through a few Christmas’ and another one is coming. There will be tears, I am sure, and smiles. Merry Christmas. We pray for your peace and happiness and Bob’s safe rtreun home. Amen.

  3. Ricardo says:

    so much better than my apemttt I read somewhere to cut them up and put them in a jar of water on the window sill mine went all moldy long before they ever sprouted I’ll have to try again without cutting ..thx!

  4. Jamir says:

    Gorgeous! Ordinary green sweepo fogilae beats the fancy chartreuse, black and purple ones they sell for however-much in garden centres any day! And you can buy them (well, the beginnings of them, anyway) in any supermarket! (organic section, of course )

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