Starting Squash

Last night I started the zucchini and yellow squash in fiber pots. The containers seemed a little small, but I guess they won’t be in them too long before they get planted in the beds. Tonight I hope to get more radishes seeds planted and my peppers transplanted into larger containers – unless it rains.

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  1. Mary says:

    Thanks I’m glad you like the photos. I enjoy phhogorapty and try to use a lot of them here.There is a hot season where only a few crops will grow okra and New Zealand Spinach are two that come to mind. The Winter is when the garden is the most beautiful here lettuce, cabbage, carrots, collards, parsley, broccoli they all grow right through the coldest weather here without any special care. The coldest it gets here is in the mid-20 s (F), and every few years it will get down to maybe 19. The summer is generally the rainy season here, but it only helps the garden.I don’t really think in terms of growing cycles here there are warm weather crops and cool weather crops, and I try to keep something growing all the time. The warm weather crops that transplant well, such as tomatoes, are started right around the end of December or first of January. When they’re ready to move out to the garden, the cool weather plants are usually finished producing and are ready to be pulled out. The cool weather plants are started in the Fall, and they go through until the Spring.In reality, it doesn’t work quite that smoothly since there is always some overlap, but that’s the objective.

  2. Amar says:

    The squash bugs lay their eggs in the gruond near the stem. Pile straw up around the base of the plant and keep it covered all season by adding more. This works for potato beetles too.

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