Weekly update – May week 1

In the last week, I haven’t done much with the garden. It rained a few days so watering hasn’t been an issue, and everything seems to be growing well. The plan for this week is to get the cucumber, bean, and dill seeds planted, as well as to transplant the tomato, squash,¬†and lettuce¬† plants. After that, it looks like I will be close to being done with planting.

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  1. Siti says:

    I tried this soup when I visited a rnrtusaet in a hotel in Heidelburg. It was a very hot day, and the rnrtusaet didn’t have air conditioning. We ordered this soup for an appetizer and it was the best thing we had had all year! Through my broken german and his broken english I asked the waiter if he could give the recipe, and he did. (never hurts to ask!) Every summer my husband asks “when are you going to make cucumber soup.” The best part is this recipe is so easy!Chilled Cucumber Soup2 large cucumbers peeled, seeded, and very thinly sliced 1 cup whipping cream (may do cup milk, cup cream)1 can vegetable brothSalt to taste, fleur de sel is great for this if you have it -1 tsp is plentyFreshly ground white pepper, one or two turns of the mill is plenty1 tbsp. freshly chopped dillCook cucumbers, cream and broth over medium heat till cucumbers are tender. Cool. (If the cream has curdled a bit may want to separate solid cucumbers and place in a bowl and strain liquids through cheesecloth.) Blend smooth in blender. Then add dill and chill in refrigerator or freezer (don’t let freeze or texture will be ruined).May garnish with half a cherry tomato, shelled of seeds and filled with Boursin cheese. May also add a cured smoked salmon piece sliced very thin and shaped into a rose-do not use a toothpick to fix. May place salmon rose into a large boiled pearl onion half.

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