Buried treasure

While pulling weeds and raking a few of the squares this evening, I unearthed two things of which I didn’t expect. The first was a grub like you would find in any lawn. The fact that I have grubs in my yard isn’t what threw me since I found them before, it was that I found one in May (I thought they appeared later in the season) and that it was near the surface in soil that didn’t have anything growing in it (no food source).

The second thing was a rib from something the size of a large cat or perhaps a raccoon. I’m no biologist so the animal type is just a guess, but I have taken enough science classes and dissected enough animals (in those classes) to say I am pretty sure it was a rib. It was fairly old so I suspect it cam from one of the compost bags I brought in. Which one? I have no idea.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am pretty sure it was from a dinosaur, probably from a Deinonychus. You should donate it to a fancy museum.

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