Canning part 2

I canned some salsa, green beans, and┬ámore pickles this weekend. For the pickles, I used the same recipe as before. For the salsa, I used a recipe from the Ball website. I like salsa that is mostly vegetables. Basically, I won’t make any with a recipe that calls for sugar or anything extra other than spices. I found the bean recipe from a Costco magazine. It contains essentially the same thing as dill cucumber pickles with cayenne pepper added. I can’t wait to try these in a few weeks!

More canned goods

More canned goods

6 replies on “Canning part 2”

  1. meemsnyc says:

    Ooooh, I am so jealous. My garden is suffering right now because it’s so hot and dry and nothing is producing. ­čÖü

    • Bob says:

      We’ve had the opposite problem. Had a storm last night that dumped more than 5 inches of rain in our neighborhood! I spent the better part of the morning mopping up the basement.

    • Miming says:

      We have an old family riecpe we use but honestly I am kind of lazy and I like to use those pre-made packages of all the spices to make things a bit easier although I add my own twist. I dumb the spice and vinegar and everything into the required amount of tomatoes but then I add things that aren’t in the riecpe, some garlic, cilantro, chili powder for kick, finely finely chopped onions for flavor (in a food processor), a green paper or two blended and some jalapenos. Suppeeerrr good!

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    • Cris says:

      to leave core/seeds/and skin on apple. Would it possibly be the seeds (i.e., pecitn?) that would have caused it to solidify instead of remaining like apple sauce/butter? I also used apple cider vinegar. Thank you –

    • Bethari says:

      I am aso envious. Peaches are not a Florida Fruit nrmlaoly so we have no local suppliers other than ourselves and our trees did not produce this year due the wonky winter.

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